How to Register on income tax e-filing web portal


1. Visit the e-filing web portal

2. Register to e-file your returns
In case you have not registered yourself on the portal, click on the ‘Register Yourself’ button.

3. Select the User Type ‘Individual’ and click on continue.

4. fill in your personal information such as



Middle Name

First Name
Date of birth and click on continue.

5. Fill the registration form

User ID : automatically populated by system (your PAN)

Password : 8 to 14 characters, alphanumeric and should contain one special character
Confirm password : Same as entered above

6. Select primary and secondary secret question and enter answers.

7. Fill your all personal information such as mobile number, email, current and permanent address, and CAPTCHA click on submit.

8.Now you will be navigated to the registration success.

9. Check your email and click link by e-filing web portal and enter otp received on your mobile. Thanks for reading.

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