Direct and Regular mutual fund plans

Direct vs Regular Mutual Fund

Which suits you Direct or Regular mutual fund ?

Regular Vs Direct Mutual Funds in detail.
Direct plans are cheaper than Regular plans, because of no need of distributors in direct palns. Hence, it not only saves on transaction costs if any, direct plans come with lower fees,  difference in costs may seem negligible at first, but over long term investment it made a big difference due to the magic of compounding. So learn some basics of mutual fund and choose best suitable scheme.
Direct Mutual Funds?
Direct Mutual Fund is the type of mutual fund that can be directly purchased from the AMC(Asset Management Companies) or fund house. Since there are no third party agents involved, there are no commissions and brokerage. Hence the expense ratio of a direct mutual fund is lower and the return is higher due to a lower expense ratio. Direct mutual fund can be easily identified; the word ‘Direct’ is prefixed in the name of the fund. Investor can purchase a Direct plan through either online or offline mode. A direct mutual fund best suitable for an investor who has the market knowledge, expertise, and time to make Investment strategies and monitoring portfolio.

Regular Mutual Funds?
Plans that are bought through an intermediary come under the Regular plans. These intermediaries can be brokers, advisors, or distributors. The intermediaries charge the AMC or fund house a commission for selling their mutual funds. The AMCs usually recover this commission through expense ratio. The expense ratio for regular mutual funds slightly higher in comparison to direct mutual funds. Hence the returns tend to be a little higher for direct plans. Regular plans are suitable for an investor who can’t invest without some guidance and not having time.

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