How to invest in mutual fund for first time.

Three ways to invest in mutual funds
1. Direct through AMCs
2. Through Demat Account
3. Through Other MF Applications
Direct through AMCs
You can invest directly through an AMC by using their website(online) or visiting their Office (offline). Now a days all AMCs are providing online Investing option on their website.
If you want to invest through AMC’s website. First you need to complete your KYC (IF NOT COMPLETED BEFORE)
Click here CDSL Ventures Limited to know your KYC  status.
1. Registration With AMC
• Visit web portal of an AMC select Register as new user.
•  Provide your mobile and email details and verify both as asked
• Fill your basic information like PAN, DOB, BANK DETAILS (account no, IFSC code, cancelled Cheque or account statement and other as asked)
• Add Nominees and submit.
• After this it takes some time for verifications of your details and User id and password will be created. Now you can invest through AMC’s.
2. Choose A scheme
After registration you can choose your scheme in which you want to invest. Carefully select plan type (direct, regular, growth, dividend etc). Dividend reinvestment option is not available for ELSS schemes.
3. Amount
Take the help of SIP calculator and decided the amount as your investment goals, considering your income. And choose SIP or Lump sum as you wish.
4. Choose Date and payment Mode
If you have decided the frequency(daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) of your Investment (SIP or LUMP SUM), you have to selects day of your investment as your convenience. Now select the mode of payment from below mentioned option or available. auto debit from the your account through registration of OTM (one time mandate), Net banking or NEFT/ RTGS payment etc.

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