How to download Intimation order under section 143(1)

Once your income tax return (ITR) is processed, the tax department sends you an intimation notice under section 143(1). This intimation notice will tell you if the income details given by you in ITR filing matches with that of the tax department.

While processing ITR, the department  first, checks your income details, TDS claimed by you and if that matches with Form 26AS and so on.

As per current income tax laws, the time limit to process ITRs by the tax department is within one year from the end of the financial year in which ITR was filed. Thus, your ITR must be processed by  31 Mar 2022 for the return filed for FY 2019-20.

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After processing your ITR , the income tax department sends you an intimation notice.

However, it may happen that you have received an SMS from the income tax department stating: “ITR for PAN: ABCXXXXX0D, AY 2020-21 and Ack No. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has been processed at CPC. Order u/s 143(1) will be sent by email.” But you cannot find the email from the tax department in your inbox.

Remember, this email will be sent to the your registered e-mail ID with the tax department.

Follow the steps below to get the intimation notice sent to you once again.
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Log in to your account. With user ID(PAN number).

Step 3: under the ‘My Account’ tab select ‘View e-filed Returns/Forms’.
Step 4: On the new webpage, select ‘Income Tax Returns’ from the drop-down menu.
Step 5: Now Click on Submit.

A new page will open on your system containing the details of all the ITR filed by you. Click on the ‘Acknowledgement No’ for the year for which you want to download the intimation.
Step 6: The web page opened will show the dates of filing ITR, date of verification, date of completion of ITR processing and date of refund paid, if any. In the ‘ITR Processing completion’ click on ‘Click here to download the Intimation Order’.

A pop-up will open on your system asking you to save it.
The file is password protected. Password is your PAN and date of birth. Suppose your PAN is ABCAA1011A and date of birth is DEC 08, 1994, therefore, your password will be abcaa1011a08121994.

Downloading Intimation order up till AY 2017-18
In case you have to download intimation order which is not reflecting above, then follow the steps below:
Step 3: Under the ‘My Account’ tab select, the ‘Service Request’ option.

Step 4: On the new page, select the request type – ‘New Request’ and request category- ‘Intimation u/s 143(1)/154/16(1)/35.’
and Submit.

Step 5: After submit you have to enter the following details on next page:
(i) Return Type: Income Tax Return
(ii) Assessment year
(iii) Category: Intimation u/s 143 (1)
The sub-category will be selected automatically.
Step 7: Click on Submit. A message will be displayed on your system – “Your request for intimation has been registered with us and Transaction ID is: so and so. The request would be further processed.”

An email will be sent to your email ID registered with income tax department along with your transaction ID. Generally, the income tax department replies to your request within two to three days.

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