Signal Aap, replacing WhatsApp?

Signal App for secure and private messaging: Everything about the app
Many users are switching to Signal from WhatsApp after WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy. But what is Signal App? And how does it work? So take an in-depth look.
After WhatsApp updated its privacy policy which elaborates more on the data sharing with Facebook. Ditch WhatsApp, switch to Signal. After this some users are switching to Signal in 2021 In fact, the mass exodus caused some trouble as Signal’s servers were unable to handle the rapid growth of users and verification codes were delayed, though that issue appears to have been resolved.

But what is Signal AAP? Well it is a messaging app with a focus on privacy, and has been around since 2014.
Signal’s tagline is ‘Say Hello to Privacy’ and the service is end-to-end encrypted same as WhatsApp. In fact, WhatsApp uses the Signal protocol for its end-to-end encryption feature. But unlike WhatsApp, Signal is not owned by Facebook.
Who created the app?
Signal is a messaging app, available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows,l and Linux. The app is developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC and it is a non-profit company. The app was created by Moxie Marlinspike, American cryptographer and currently CEO of Signal Messenger.
What can I do on Signal?
You can send text and audio messages to individuals or groups, and make one-on-one voice or video calls over the internet. Everyone involved must be on Signal.

In last one year, the app has added a number of fun features, stickers, including GIFs, and emoji reactions. (Signal Stickers is a large repository of community-made designs.)

Recently, Signal added a blur tool, which can be used to obscure faces or sensitive information on documents. To use it, tap on the camera icon from the main page of the app. Take a picture or select a photo from your gallery, then tap the checkered-circle blur icon.
How can I make Signal messages even more private?
Disappearing messages: Select a conversation, and tap your contact’s name. There you can set a time between five seconds and one week, after which viewed messages will automatically delete.
View-once media: This mobile-only feature automatically removes a photo or video from a conversation once it has been viewed. From the main app page, tap the camera icon. Take a photo or select one from your library. At the bottom left of the screen, tap to switch the infinity-symbol icon to the “1x” icon.

Signal PIN prevents someone else from registering your phone number on Signal, an attack known as SIM swapping. Tap on your profile icon (top left), then Privacy, then enable Signal PIN.
Disadvantages of Signal? WhatsApp and iMessage have far more features than Signal. Like : temporary location sharing, which is useful for meetups, and group video chat—up to 8 on WhatsApp and 32 on Apple’s embedded FaceTime service.

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