Demand of BAN On Whatsapp after new policy, why?

Businessmen wrote a letter to the Center after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy change, saying the country’s security is threatened
New Delhi: In response to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, retailers have written to Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad demanding to ban WhatsApp and Facebook. The Confederation of All India Traders of retail traders has demanded immediate ban on it from the central government.
Where has CAIT written a letter to the Minister of Information and Technology quoting that in India there are more than 200 million Facebook users whose data is under threat from WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. The government will either stop WhatsApp from implementing the new privacy policy or ban WhatsApp and Facebook. Otherwise, this company can pose a serious challenge to the security and economy of the country by using the data of the users.
What is new privacy policy of WhatsApp

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg’s company WhatsApp has updated its new privacy policy, which will come into effect from 8 February. In which he has told how to share the data of users with Facebook. Apart from this, it has also been said in this update that to continue using WhatsApp, users have to accept the new terms and policies by February 8. Which is very fierce about
WhatsApp shares the following: information with Facebook and its other companies:
account registration information (phone number), transaction data (WhatsApp now has payments in India), service-related information, information on how you interact with others (including businesses), mobile device information, and IP address. It is also collecting more information at a device hardware level now.
Is WhatsApp stores messages?
No, says WhatsApp. According to the privacy policy, once a message is delivered, it is “deleted” from the servers. WhatsApp stores a message only when it “cannot be delivered immediately” — the message can then stay on its servers “for up to 30 days” in an encrypted form as WhatsApp continues to try to deliver it. If undelivered even after 30 days, the message is deleted.
Is it mandatory to accept the privacy policy?
Yes, this is standard practice for most software. If you don’t want to, you can delete your account and switch to another service.

A lot of people seem to be switching to Signal from WhatsApp.
Signal is another messaging app, free and end-to-end encrypted, and which has gained a popularity after new WhatsApp policy. WhatsApp uses Signal’s protocol for its encryption. But Signal is not owned by any corporation, and is run by a nonprofit.

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