Complete Guide On How To Check TDS Refund Status Online? With Easy Steps.

TDS status

How To Check TDS Refund Status Online?

Tax Deducted(TDS) at Source is a type of direct income tax collected by the tax department from individuals and entities as per the IT Act of 1961. The deductor directly deducts it from the amount paid to a taxpayer. One of the most basic examples of the same is an employer deducting TDS from an employee’s salary.

It is then deposited to the tax department against the PAN of the taxpayer by the deductor. But there are a lot of cases in which a taxpayer ends up paying more TDS than he/she is supposed to. The tax department refunds the excess amount to the taxpayer. This process is known as tax or TDS refund.

If the taxpayer has filed the ITR on time, it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to receive the tax refund in bank account or receive a cheque. During this period, one can quickly check their tax refund status online.

There are multiple ways in which this can be done. Take a look-


The TDS Central Processing Cell, or TDSCPC, is the primary unit responsible for processing TDS refund requests. You can visit their official web portal to check your TDS status. Their official website is also popularly known as the TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis And Correcting Enabling System) portal. Here are the steps you can follow to check your refund status with TDSCPC-
Visit the TDSCPC website (
• Register yourself if you are new here.
• After registering, you can log in as a ‘Taxpayer’ with your PAN, Password, and User ID.
• After log in, click on ‘View TDS/TCS Credit’ from the menu options on the left side.
• Enter the ‘Verification Code’ displayed on the screen to proceed.
• You’ll be redirected to a new page where you have to fill details, like your PAN, TAN of Deductor, Financial Year, and Salary/Non-Salary Income.
• Then Click on ‘Go’ after entering details.
You’ll now be able to see your TDS status, with details like your income for the year, tax deducted, and tax amount deposited with the government.


You can also check your TDS status on the official income tax e-filing web portal. Non-salaried individuals can use this method to check their TDS status with the help of Form 26AS. Follow these steps to check your TDS status-
Check your TDS status on income tax department’s web portal (
• Click on ‘Register Yourself’ if you are not registered on e-filing website and register yourself.
• After logging in with your User ID(PAN) and Password, click on the ‘My Account’ tab to open a new menu
• Select ‘View Form 26AS’ under this menu
• You’ll be redirected to the TRACES portal where you can select the ‘Assessment Year’ for which you’d like to view your Form 26AS.
• After selecting the ‘Assessment Year,’ you can see your TDS status.
You can also download the TDS statement after selecting file format.

3. TDS status through Net banking:

You can see TDS status on your net banking, if your PAN is linked to your bank account. Here are the process for checking your TDS statement on net banking:
• Log in to the net banking site of your bank
• Under the ‘Services’ tab, click on ‘TDS Statement’ or ‘Tax Deducted Statement’
• You’ll be redirected to the TRACES portal where you can select the Assessment Year for which you’d like to view the TDS statement

4. TDS Refund Verification Through Jurisdictional ITO

If, you’ve not received your TDS refund for some reason, even after waiting for 6 months from the date you filed your ITR, another option to verify the status is by contacting your jurisdictional ITO (Income Tax Office). Alternatively, you can also raise a complaint about the same through your income tax e-filing account. You should receive a reply from the tax department within 3-5 working days.


When you check the status of your TDS refund online, there are some of the most common statuses you might see-

Not Determined:                                 

If your refund status is ‘Not Determined’ that means the tax department is yet to process your refund. If you see the ‘Not determined’ refund status, it is a good sign to confirm that you’ve correctly filled and verified your ITR.                       

Refund Paid:                          

‘Refund Paid’ means that the tax department has successfully processed and transferred the refund amount either in your bank account or issued a Cheque.

Demand Status:

This refund status means that you failed to file the ITR within the deadline. You can file your ITR and wait for a few days to see if the refund status changes.

No Demand No Refund:

The status suggests that as per the details with the IT department, you’re not eligible for a TDS refund.

Refund Unpaid:

If your status is ‘Refund Unpaid’, then you should confirm your bank details and address that you’ve provided to the tax department. It means that the tax department has processed your TDS but could not credit into your bank account or send a cheque to your address.


If you have filed your ITR within the deadline but are yet to receive the tax refund, you can select any of the above mentioned methods to check your TDS statement and refund status. In case of any issues, you can always raise a complaint with the tax department or consult a tax professional.


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