WhatsApp explains its new privacy policy need to accept by May 15.

WhatsApp new privacy policy

WhatsApp has once again made preparations to implement its disputed policy. WhatsApp will once again try to explain the new policy to Indian users through a small banner in the app. Users will have to accept the new policy by May 15. The new privacy policy of WhatsApp has also faced several criticisms before. Facebook authorized company WhatsApp prepared to implement its new privacy policy in February and started sharing information through in-app notifications in January.
However, due to the threat of privacy, it was strongly criticized by the users. After this, the Indian government had asked WhatsApp to withdraw the new update.
Despite all these criticisms, WhatsApp is not withdrawing its new terms and conditions, but the company will release a banner in the app itself, which will give users information about the new policy. The banner will also tell users how the company works.

The company told through a blog that user data cannot be accessed with the new policy. From Friday, the social messaging app will start alerting users about new policy updates. According to WhatsApp, the new policy will be implemented from May 15. The blog also stated that Facebook will not be able to use interaction with businesses for advertising. This will only happen when these businesses use Facebook’s ad network. In the new policy, users will not get any option to not share data with Facebook. However, WhatsApp has clarified that the new update will not change the privacy of people’s private chats.

This new update will only be a part of the optional business feature. In the new update, WhatsApp will get a new way of chatting or shopping with a business and it will be completely optional. WhatsApp also said in the blog that this step is part of the efforts of earning for the app so that WhatsApp will be free for the users.

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