SANDES app by India an alternative to WhatsApp

SANDES, is an instant messaging app launched by the Indian government. It is now accessible to everyone. Previously, it was only available for government officials. SANDES, which has been launched by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), is a good step to boost PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) initiative.

This is an end-to-end encrypted messaging app, which is designed as an alternative to WhatsApp. If you are still trying out different messaging apps and wondering if SANDES is worth a shot, then read on to get answers to your questions.
Is SANDES better than WhatsApp in terms of features? What is different?
Sandes is free to use without any ads. Do note that when you download it, the app’s name is displayed as GIMS (Government Instant Messaging System). But, the government is calling it as SANDES. Basically SANDES means ‘message` in Hindi.

SANDES is available with same interface to WhatsApp and you will find most of the WhatsApp features in this app. We will get to this in a bit, let’s first walk you through the notable differences between both the messaging apps.
SANDES offers an option to sign up using the email id and not just with mobile phone number.
SANDES allows you to share videos or photos with up to 500MB, which is more than WhatsApp. The latter lets you send videos with 16MB limit in size and regular files up to 100MB.
You can back up chats on your device and choose an external location. It provides option to back up chats on email too, not like the Facebook-owned app, which only lets you back up chats to either Google Drive on Android or iCloud on iOS.

But the SANDES does not allow you change your mobile number or email ID after creating an account. So, if you have a new mobile number or lost your email id, then you will have to create a new account and all your chats will be lost. In contrast, WhatsApp lets you change phone number without deleting your existing profile.
Till Now, there is no fingerprint lock feature and screen lock feature, like WhatsApp. Other privacy features such as incognito keyboard mode, screen security (block screenshots feature) are also not available.

SANDES allows you check weather details of your city in the app. You can add priority or confidential labels to messages, which is interesting. There is also a section called “Gimoji,” which displays symbols used in official communication.

Some other features available on SANDES are broadcast message, status, disappearing messages, forward messages, delete messages, archive chats and more. You can create a group and add at least 50 members. SANDES also offers contact syncing and add new contacts who are using the same platform. Anyone can add you to a group on this instant messaging app and there is no invitation system.
On which platform is SANDES available?
For now, the SANDES app is available for Android, and iOS users only. It isn’t compatible with tablets, but you can use the web version of the app. Currently, it is also not available on Play Store and you will get the app via the government’s site. iOS users can download the Sandes app from App Store.
You can download it from Here.
Step 1: You just need to visit go to the website and click on the download button.
Step 2: Open the app and create your account using your phone number. You will then get an OTP, which you will be asked to enter to create an account.

Step 3: Enter you name, gender and upload your profile. It is optional and you can choose to skip if you don’t to upload your image.

Step 4: You will also be asked to give location permission to the app, which you can skip. The next window will ask whether you want to sync contacts or not, and then you are all set. You can start messaging anyone.

How To Use Credit Card Responsibly?

How To Utilise  Credit Card Responsibly.

1. Know billing cycle of your credit card.
You can maximize your interest-free period if you are aware of the date of bill generation of your credit card. If you use your credit card just after your Credit Card bill is generated, you can get up to 45 interest-free days.
2. Pay your bill on time.
Paying bills before date improves your credit score and other benefit such as increase in credit card limit offers on loans etc. Pay your balance in full each month to avoid paying interest and late fee.
3. Never Maxed Out Your Credit Limit.
Credit utilization(how much of your credit limit you are using) is the second biggest contributor to your credit score. So running up a huge credit card balance, and carrying it from month to month, can badly impact your credit score. Plus, it can set the foundation for getting into credit card debt(high interest rates)that can take a long time to pay off.
4. Follow the rewards.
It is beneficial to understand the rewards program to maximize the reward points and cash back by using your credit card in the categories that earns the most rewards or stay updated about various types of offers. Redeem your reward points before they expired. Earning Reward Points can be beneficial in long run from movie vouchers, flight ticket discounts.
5. Be smart about repayment.
Choose a convenient ways to pay such as EMIS , by choosing EMI you can repayment your large purchase in easy monthly instalments. You can pay your bill on your credit card provider’s net banking or use other apps that provides reward points on bill payments.
6. Be vigilant about Credit Card use.
Track your spending by monitoring your Credit Card transactions regularly. Keeping track of your spends will also ensure that unexpected transactions come to your notice and you can point them out to your bank immediately. You can set your limits on Credit Card in order to avoid any over spending.
7. Use the Extra Perks.
Some credit cards offer other perks with cash back or travel rewards and Insurance. Rental car insurance; waived checked baggage fees; price protection(refund if an item’s price drops after you buy it); and extended warranty are just a few perks offered by many credit cards. If you don’t about the perks that come with your credit card, log in to your online account to review your credit card agreement or contact customer service.

WhatsApp explains its new privacy policy need to accept by May 15.

WhatsApp has once again made preparations to implement its disputed policy. WhatsApp will once again try to explain the new policy to Indian users through a small banner in the app. Users will have to accept the new policy by May 15. The new privacy policy of WhatsApp has also faced several criticisms before. Facebook authorized company WhatsApp prepared to implement its new privacy policy in February and started sharing information through in-app notifications in January.
However, due to the threat of privacy, it was strongly criticized by the users. After this, the Indian government had asked WhatsApp to withdraw the new update.
Despite all these criticisms, WhatsApp is not withdrawing its new terms and conditions, but the company will release a banner in the app itself, which will give users information about the new policy. The banner will also tell users how the company works.

The company told through a blog that user data cannot be accessed with the new policy. From Friday, the social messaging app will start alerting users about new policy updates. According to WhatsApp, the new policy will be implemented from May 15. The blog also stated that Facebook will not be able to use interaction with businesses for advertising. This will only happen when these businesses use Facebook’s ad network. In the new policy, users will not get any option to not share data with Facebook. However, WhatsApp has clarified that the new update will not change the privacy of people’s private chats.

This new update will only be a part of the optional business feature. In the new update, WhatsApp will get a new way of chatting or shopping with a business and it will be completely optional. WhatsApp also said in the blog that this step is part of the efforts of earning for the app so that WhatsApp will be free for the users.

Why Investing money is important?

Most of the people do have a limited income. Even if a high earner(salary), we’re likely limited by how much we getting each month.
First and foremost, purpose of saving money is to protect you in the event of a financial emergency. Additionally, saving money can help you pay for large purchases, avoid debt, reduce your financial stress, leave a financial legacy, and provide you with a greater sense of financial freedom.

Why investing money is important?

Savings are typically for small financial objectives that can be met in short periods of time, like 1-3 years. If you’re looking forward to buy mobile phone or to go on a small domestic vacation in near future, saving might be a good option for such goals. On the other hand, investing is typically a long term plan for bigger financial goals. If you’re planning for your child’s education or wedding or your retirement which is due in about 5 or more years ahead from now, investing from now can make these goals achievable by the time of need.

Inflation eats up purchasing power.

When we talk about long term investment or saving then inflation must be discussed, if your Investment not able to beat the inflation this means you are losing your money. Inflation eats up your purchasing power, When you save money for the future, you hope it will be able to buy at least as much as it buys today, but it is not like that. During periods of high inflation, it’s reasonable to assume that things will be more expensive next year than they are today—so there’s an incentive to spend your money now instead of saving it. But you still need to invest money and keep cash on hand, even though inflation threatens to erode the value of your savings. You’ll need your monthly spending money in cash, and it’s also a good idea to keep emergency funds in a safe place like a bank or liquid funds.

If you want to create wealth from your savings, then you have to invest your money as per your goals, because no one becomes wealthy by saving in bank accounts. You can go for Mutual Funds, ETF, Stocks, FDs and property etc.
Mutual funds are best option for Investment even for new Investors. You should know the basics of mutual fund before investing in mutual fund. In mutual fund you can go for lump -sum Investment or Systematic Investment Plan. There are many types of mutual funds available choose as per your investment goal.

For example if you invest in mutual fund
It should not be a big deal for You to save and invest ₹5k a month, if you are 25 or old.

You do it for 20 years.

The total amount saved is ₹12L by the time you are 45.

If you invest ₹5k a month with 10% interest rate, by the time you turn 45, your total corpus would be more than ₹. 38L.

Amount Invested: ₹. 12L
Maturity Amount: ₹. 38L
Interest Gained: ₹. 26L

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