What Is Systematic Transfer Plan In Mutual Fund

What Is An Systematic Transfer Plan? An STP(Systematic Transfer Plan) is a plan that allows you to give consent to a mutual fund to periodically transfer a certain amount / switch (redeem) certain units from one scheme and invest in another scheme of the same mutual fund house. Thus at regular intervals an amount/number ofContinue reading “What Is Systematic Transfer Plan In Mutual Fund”

What is Exchange Traded Fund and how they different from MFs

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a combination of share and mutual fund. Like a mutual fund in ETF money is pooled from different investors and invested in stocks comprising an index and traded on exchange like a stock. Most of the ETFs are passively managed and closely track an index. Hence they are passively managed,Continue reading “What is Exchange Traded Fund and how they different from MFs”

Systematic Investment Plan For Salaried Person Explained in a Simple Manner

For most of us it is very joyful, getting salary in accounts. But, unfortunately, this joy doesn’t last longer than 10 days in a month, and after 10 days many of us find ourselves again desperately waiting for the next payment.