Mutual fund for beginners

It is a primer on how to go about leveraging the power of mutual funds. Here are some questions that will make you understand all that you wanted to know about mutual funds:

what is NFO in mutual fund

When company that is in the business of managing mutual funds (also called fund house or asset management company ) decides to launch a new scheme. The new launch is called New Fund Offering (NFO). The AMC will then advertise the fund to the potential investors, through ads in paper, TV and online. Interested investors … Continue reading what is NFO in mutual fund

What is benchmark of a mutual fund and how it works

Benchmark is a standard against which the performance of a mutual fund is measured. For example, the Nifty 50 is a benchmark against which many large-cap funds and index funds are measured.

Parag Parikh long term equity fund Review

As name suggests that this Mutual Fund scheme aims to achieve long-term capital gain by investing primarily in equity and equity related instruments. The scheme was launched on 28-May-2013 and has delivered 18.59% returns since inception. The fund is likely to move to the flexi-cap category after Sebi tweaked the mandate for multi cap funds … Continue reading Parag Parikh long term equity fund Review